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Services Offered

Intellectual Property Law (Copyrights, Trademarks, Service Marks)

  • Christy can file state and federal trademarks as well as service marks. She can also file copyright registrations. Plus, she can assist you with intellectual property infringement issues. For entertainers and small business owners who are trying to protect their work, these intellectual property rights are extremely important to protect. 

Contract Law

  • Get help with making sure that your contractual agreements protect your interests and rights, since contracts act as your laws when you are working with others. Christy can draft contractual agreements, negotiate the terms for you, and advise you on whether specific contract provisions are in your favor. 

Mediation Services

  • The firm does mediation work for anyone looking to resolve disputes without the hassle of litigation. Christy is certified by the Florida Supreme Court as a county court mediator. She also serves as the Chair of the Mediator Ethics Advisory Committee ("MEAC") for the state of Florida. Christy conducts mediations in Orlando, Florida. 

Small Business Law

  • Get help determining the best way to structure your business, register your business, get your business running, and hire employees. Christy is experienced in structuring many different types of businesses and can advise you on each step in the process while you set up your small business or entertainment company.  

TV & Film Law

  • Get help with option agreements, production agreements, rights clearance agreements, and employment law concerns regarding your crew. Entertainers in the production world will encounter numerous legal obstacles, so Christy can prepare you for those.

Music Law

  • The firm can assist you with producer agreements, artist recording agreements, 360 deals, and retaining ownership of your intellectual property rights. Entertainers in the music world will need to protect their creations throughout the entire recording process and Christy can prepare them for the obstacles they will encounter. 

Sports Law

  • Christy can help sports professionals protect their images and make sure that athletes'  endorsement deals - and performance agreements - are well-structured. Plus, Christy can help you protect your trademark rights and right to publicity. 

Literary Law

  • Get help protecting your unique ideas as a writer, obtaining (and maintaining) the intellectual property rights to your works, and reviewing publishing agreements. The contractual agreements and intellectual property rights you deal with when getting published can be confusing, so let Christy guide you through that process. 

New Media & Internet Law

  • The firm can assist with protecting website owners from liability, handling intellectual property right protection, and handling cybersquatting concerns. Whether you're an entertainer or a small business owner, your website needs to be protected - and that's something Christy can help you with.

Right to Publicity Law

  • The firm can ensure your rights to your name, likeness, and image are used appropriately - and that you are properly compensated for that use. If you're in the entertainment industry, then you know your reputation - and publicity rights - are extremely important. Let Christy help you protect your image. 

First Amendment Law

  • Christy can help you exercise your right to free speech and defend your reputation in cases of defamation. For any business professional or entertainment professional, a defamation problem can be stressful - because it's your reputation on the line. Christy can tell you about your legal rights for protecting your image. 

Digital Privacy Law

  • Get help exercising your privacy rights in this digital, highly public world where so much information is tracked and posted online. Christy helps small businesses and entertainers make sure that their digital information stays safe and, most importantly, private. 

Non-Compete and Trade Secret Agreements

  • The firm can draft (as well as help you review or negotiate) non-compete and non-disclosure agreements so that you sign something that is in your best interest. Christy can also help you handle trade secret agreements so that your work is protected.

Liability Consulting for Athletic Facilities

  • Christy can help you identify - and protect your athletic facility from - legal liabilities when you are ready to open, run, or manage an athletic facility. Sports can be dangerous, so it's important to make sure you're protected if you are running any kind of athletic facility (e.g., a dance studio). 

Registered Agent Services
  • Christy can act as your registered agent so that you can focus on successfully running your business. 

Notary Public Services

  • Get help from Christy, a Florida notary public, when you need documents properly notarized.